Falcon SSM50 & SSM65 Series Door
SSM50 (2") & SSM65 (2.5") strong room door overall thickness measuring at 150mm secured with a series of heavy duty 38mm diameter bolts. The door back anchored with Falcon vertical reinforced interlocking rebate system for positive protection ensuring the door remain shut and locked even hinges are attacked and cut off.

Barrier Material: Door slab consists of special formulated high strength concrete mixture (SF2000) which can resist drilling attack & any forceble attack. It comprises a few different layers of concrete & barrier material to resist burglary attack. The construction method of boltwork allow the door resist hydralic jack attack of 5 tonne and remain unopened.

Reinforcement Door Frame: Uniquely design door frame filled up with mixture which give maximum resistance against any attack. The door frame allow the ease of installation as well as secured firmly the boltwork streching out from the door.

Locking Mechanism: Falcon strong room door come with standard locking system secured by Sargeant and Greenleaf (S&G) 3 wheel combination lock with a security capability of 1,000,000 combination variations and KABA MAUER UL-listed president 8 lever mechanical keylock with approximate 280,000 theoretical variations. Additional keylock, 4 wheel combination lock or digital lock can be fitted on request as an option.

Emergency Relocker Devices: Live & dead relocker will automatically active and seizes all bolts if forcible attack are made especially by mechanical tools attacks. The relockers can be upgraded to glass relocker protection upon request for higher level of security.

Protection Against Fire: Falcon series strong room door provides reliable protection against fire attack which is tested and compliance to Japanese standard for 95 minutes. In an event of fire attack the strong door will protect and keep room temperature to the lowest.

Grillegate: Falcon grillegate ensure additional security and ventilation when main vault door is open for operation. Secured by two keylocks and available with painted finish only.

  1. Emergency Door (Optional): Emergency door is an optional solution for emergency exit of vault with such a requirement
  2. Time Lock (Optional): To provide optimum security over long weekends, holidays or after office hour, an adjustable two or three movement time lock can be installed. This system maintains the door in fully lock position even with the correct keys & combination until the preset time has elapsed. This ultimate security also ensure no opening attempt under duress.
  3. Digital Lock (Optional): Upgradable to the following digital locks
  • S&G UL-Listed A series lock
  • KABA Auditcon 525
  • Lagard Audit 66E
Model Protective Thickness Overall Thickness Barrier Material Boltwork Mechanism Weight (Kg)
SSM 50 50mm (2") 150mm (6") SF2000 6 Horizontal/ Vertical Rebate 750
EMD 50 50mm (2") 150mm (6") SF2000 3 Horizontal/ 1 Top/ 1 Bottom/ Vertical Rebate 300
SSM 65 65mm (2.5") 180mm (7") SF2000 6 Horizontal Moving Bolt/ Vertical Rebate 800
EMD 65 65mm (2.5") 180mm (7") SF2000 3 Horizontal/ 1 Top/ 1 Bottom/ Vertical Rebate 450

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