UBH-57VCD: 500H x 350W x 425D mm

Product Features
  1. Keylock + Dial & Combination Lock
  2. Changeable password.
  3. Mounting hole available for floor mounting (bolt provided).
  4. 2 moving bolts + 2 fixed bolts
  5. Can fit A4 size documents.
  6. Can fit up to 3 arch files (without plastic tray & shelf).
  7. Certified for 2 hours fire resistant (JIS Rating).
  8. Made in Korea.
  1. Model: UBH-57VCD
  2. Dimension (external): 500H x 350W x 425D mm
  3. Dimension (internal): 381H x 236W x 306D mm
  4. Weight: 57kg
  5. Capacity: 27.5 litre
  6. Fire Resistant (JIS rating): 2 Hours
  7. Locking System: Keylock + Dial & Combination Lock
  8. Accessories: 1 plastic tray, 1 adjustable plastic shelf, 1 pair of operational keys, 1 set of floor mounting bolt, 1 instruction manual
  9. Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Locking System (against manufacturing defects).

  • Internal c/w a plastic tray (on top) & 1nos adjustable plastic shelf

  • Able to fit with A4 size papers

  • Able to fit with arch files (After removed the plastic tray and shelf)

  • 2nos Active Bolt
  • Door Protective Thickness: 35mm

  • Keylock + Dial & Combination Lock – The time-tested combination locking device has over a million permutations. The dial features a spy proof cover for extra protection.

  • Mounting hole (for floor mounting purpose)

  • Mounting bolt is provided

  • This label (inside each UCHIDA safe) certifies that this safe has sufficiently & effectively passed the 2 Hours endurance test, drop test and re-heating test under the fire proof safe inspection provisions NO. JIS S 1037.

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